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Lee Casaccio

Lee W. Casaccio


Lee was born in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he graduated from a respected college preparatory school. Following that, he studied business at Loyola University Maryland, was accepted into the business scholars’ program, and served in the student government.

When Lee turned 21, he surrendered to his substance addiction, which began in high school, by checking himself into a well-regarded treatment center in Pennsylvania. He continued his treatment at an extended care facility in Maryland and lived in a recovery home where he was immersed in the 12-step program. While there he humbled himself by working a “recovery job” in fast food. Later, Lee moved back to Pennsylvania where he plugged into the local 12-step meetings and served at the group as well as district levels.

In Pennsylvania, Lee took a position as Business Administrator/Office Manager at a mid-sized architectural firm where he worked from 2009-2013. His responsibilities included all aspects of financial management and project accounting, as well as maintaining personnel records, conducting inventory, and ordering supplies.

After time away from drugs and alcohol, however, process addictions began to take over Lee’s life, and in 2013 he entered a specialized treatment center where he began to experience the freedom of a new recovery from not only substance abuse but also process addiction. He continued treatment in a transitional living and intensive outpatient facility in Denton, Texas. While living in Denton, Lee took a job in retail where he worked for five years and became a supervisor. Lee is active in several 12-step groups, where he has grown in leadership and has sponsored several men.

Lee is grateful for his sobriety and his recovery, and thankful for those who helped him along the way. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to help others strengthen their recovery at The Bridge Recovery Homes.