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Chris White

Chris White

Executive Director

Chris was born and raised in rural, Southern Indiana. At 18 he moved to Tampa, Florida where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida. He spent nearly the next 20 years there building a professional career in engineering and moonlighting in the mission field: working in areas from the Mayan peoples in the jungles of the Yucatan, to youth in the streets of Juarez, Mexico, to college students in the heart of Delhi, India. During that time Chris also completed his Master’s degree in Management, with a focus on Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness. In 2007 Chris and his family moved to Dallas, Texas where he continued to build a successful career in the energy industry.

Like most addicts, however; Chris lived a double life. He was a slave to addiction from the time he was twelve years old, and in 2011 he finally accepted the fact that his life had become unmanageable and checked himself into a renowned treatment center for help. While in treatment, Chris tasted the first, succulent flavors of freedom AND experienced first-hand the power and beauty of seeing others set free from their addictive chains as well. He was “hooked on the feeling”, and that shared, group experience became his passion for paying the freedom forward to other addicts in need of help.

Today Chris has embraced his story and shares his experience, strength, and hope with others through The Bridge Recovery Homes and his personal 12-step program. He is re-married and living a healthy, loving relationship with his wife Zhang Yu. He is also living a life of amends with his nineteen-year-old son, for not being the dad he needed and deserved. Chris is an avid practitioner of Kung Fu, and daily pursues holistic health through reading, counselling, acupuncture, and yoga.