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The Bridge Recovery Homes

About Us

We provide an experience of what home should be like through a safe environment that affords people in recovery with the opportunity to continually surround themselves with other people who are pursuing the same healthy goals of recovery and wellness.


“We create places where people fit in, have common experiences and goals, and can be authentic - without having to explain the addiction or recovery needs."

We are Driven By

Our Mission

Our passion is to provide an experience of what home should feel like, to those who are starting their journey to recovery from chemical and process addictions.

“Who we spend our time with, where we go, and the things we surround ourselves with all impact who we are and the decisions we make. Many times, people in early recovery have to give up everything they’ve known… because those people, places, and things put them at risk of relapse or continued use.” Early recovery can be painful and isolating, but a good recovery home can fill that void with a safe place, compassionate people, and a life full of purpose and fun that doesn’t involve alcohol, drugs, or process addictions – like sex, gambling, or eating disorders.

The Bridge Recovery Homes are a

Journey to recovery and holistic healing

Addiction treatment is the tip of the iceberg in the journey to recovery and holistic healing.

Both inpatient and intensive outpatient programs, as well as individual treatment programs developed by trained therapists, are essential in providing the foundation needed to attain initial sobriety. However, these programs alone do not teach or prepare addicts on how to truly live without their former dependencies. Our recovery homes provide the safe, structured environment, information, and support system needed to sustain the integrity of early treatment, protect against slips and relapse, and encourage ongoing, holistic living to build new healthy relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Life in recovery is more than white-knuckle sobriety: it is life full of freedom and promise.

Meet Our Team

Chris White

Chris White

Executive Director

Chris is passionate about freedom – freedom to be his authentic self, and freedom from the slavery of addiction…

Zhang Yu

Zhang, Yu

Director of Operations

Zhang, Yu was born and raised in Wuhu, China . She majored in English and worked as an English translator…

Lee Casaccio

Lee W. Casaccio

House manager

Lee was born in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he graduated from a respected college preparatory school…